NoviArts Drama Club Officers

Mr. Ed Eaton - Advisor

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Meet Our
2020 - 2021 OfficErs

lesley galvan
Lesley galvan

Lesley Galvan is a senior who has been involved with the department for all four years of high school! She joined drama because she wanted to discover her interest in the art of acting and now she wants to pursue it in college. Her favorite musical is In The Heights, “It’s full of culture and dance which adds flavor to the art." Outside of drama she is a varsity cheerleader, participates with non partisan/non profit organizations to encourage people to vote, she is also a Harry Potter and comic book enthusiast.

vanessa Garibaldi

Vanessa Garibaldi is a senior who has been involved in Drama for all four years of High School! She began with being active in the drama department’s plays and musicals. She eventually joined the class her Junior year because she believes drama to be a safe space to have fun and relax! Her favorite musical is Spring Awakening because, “It’s about the exploration of sexuality between teens in a time period where anything inherently sexual is a taboo." Outside of drama, Vanessa is in choir, serving as a soprano and TA for both choir periods. Her interests at the moment are animation of both Japanese and Western Media, fashion, and any type of theme park or film history.

Kamilah Fuentes

Kamilah Fuentes is a junior who has been involved with the department for all her three years of high school! She loves drama because how welcoming it is to everyone, she feels like she can truly be herself and is able to express herself without words. Her  favorite musical is Hamilton, "Because it’s historical musical that portrays the reality of how our country began". Outside of drama she is involved in Jr. Optimist, IB, dual enrollment, and AVID, and she loves to paint and bake.


Anyone at NVHS can join our NoviArts Drama Club!


Just email Ed Eaton at:


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(for non-NVHS student inquiries)

for details on how to join,

or if you have any questions or concerns.

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NoviArts Drama Club Meetings


 Room 804 Performing Arts Center (PAC)
3:00 - 4:00 PM

Everyone is WELCOME!