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Updated: Oct 13, 2020


Welcome to the Norte Vista Band and Colorguard blog! Here's a space to get caught up on events, announcements, reminders, and more. 

Last week was another. For the band, students took a look at two new pieces and played through them together as a band and in their sections. The Jazz band continued to work on parts of Megalovania and What a Wonderful World. They also tested out the new technology we hope to use for recording assignments and solo pieces. The color guard continued to work on choreography with the flags and will start learning more equipment this or next week. Overall we have continued to improve as a group, and many individuals have definitely shown that with the effort they put in. 


Here is a screenshot of the percussion breakout

Here is a screenshot from the weekly game night, last week we played Pictionary

(this word was sprinklers)


Announcements for this week: 

  • Remember grade checks are due every friday

  • Recording assignments will be using soundtrap from now on

(if you still have questions or problems using it message Mr. Lomeda) 

  • Also remember to complete your friday attendance for your classes 

  • Remember to get your sports physical done (only if you are in marching band or color guard)

Quick Reminder to wish these people a happy birthday this month! 

Amaris Ramirez 10/3

Daniela Garcia 10/4

Alyssa Valenzuela 10/7

Nathan Mejia 10/21

Tony Nguyen 10/23

Estrella Navarrete 10/30



These are miniature shoutouts to those students who work hard to improve and help others. ICU’s are a way for other students and leaders to recognize them for the effort they put in. Keep up the great work!

The ICU’s for last week went to:

Samantha Carrillo - “She has been trying really hard to improve and the hard work she puts in can be seen in her playing”

Mendy Dang - “She has improved an amazing amount considering that the color guard practices are also online. She tries really hard to get better and continue to learn and she catches onto things very quickly"

Eleanor Broaddus - “She's always very willing to play during sectionals and keeps a good attitude throughout the rehearsal"


Student interview:

Well also be having student interviews! This is a way for parents to understand a students perspective better considering no one really needs any more stress with this pandemic. It's also a way to get to know some of the characters that we have in the band and guard at novi. 

Camilya Gibson:

1. What's your name, grade, and something you do outside of Band?

Camy; 10th; Painting/art stuff.” 

2. How're you liking school this year?

 “4/10, I need to get out of my house, classes are more stressful because in person instruction is superior.”

3. How’re you liking  band/guard this year?

“ 8/10, I ✨really✨ wanna go back on campus. “

4. What're some differences transitioning from pre-'rona to quarantine? 

"Mainly not being able to see the people I hung out with on the daily. It kinda felt like middle school where we were were all kinda sad because we wouldn't be able to hang out during summer. Quarantine has actually had an impact on my mental health because I can't really leave the house and nothings really open."

5. What motivates you or keeps you going?

"I've started picking up more hobbies to keep my mind busy and focused on the more positive things. I've started cooking more often, crafting, and a lot more binge watching on Netflix."

6. Why are you in band/guard?

"Since I didn't do band in middle school, I mainly joined marching band to fill in the P.E. credits, and took concert band as a filler elective. But after bonding with a big majority of the band kids, I've found what really makes me happy: making music, especially with the people I can go to about anything (and I mean anything, it's like free therapy). After the first football game of the season, that's when I decided, "Yeah, I'm sticking with this"

7. Pineapple on pizza; Yes or no?

No, and anyone who says otherwise can see me in court, I said what I said😌.”

Thanks for the awesome answers Camy!


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Ending quote: 

“Don’t wait for opportunity. Create it.” - S. Baker 

Have a great week everyone!


- Family, Community, Artistic Excellence -

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