Band/Guard - 9/25/20

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

Welcome to the Norte Vista Band and Colorguard blog! Here's a space to get caught up on events, announcements, reminders, and more. 

Last week was the first week in the second 6 week grading period, so students had some time to breath after completing any last minute, or makeup work. In all bands but jazz, we took a look at chorales, and worked in groups to divide out the parts. For the jazz band we took a look at some more scales and worked on some sections from Megalovania. Colorguard this week, worked on a small choreography with the flags. 

(a screen shot taken during marching band's warm up, peep Jonathan's amazing hat)

Announcements for this week: 

  • Remember grade checks are due every friday

  • Recording assignments are also due friday (use screencastify) 

  • Also remember to complete your friday attendance for your classes 

  • Make sure to attend your classes and rehearsal, as that is how the teacher will grade participation 

  • Physicals are being offered at the Norte Vista gym at 4:00pm Tuesday, fill out the online form before hand and bring the signed and completed form with you. 

Quick Reminder to wish these people a happy birthday this month! 

Stephanie Martinez, 9/3

Mendy Dang 9/7

Georgina Garcia 9/7

Ethan Ly 9/10

Vivian M. Shepard 9/14

Issac Mendoza 9/23

Erik Velazquez 9/23

German Avila 9/26

Romelia Urbina 9/26

Marifer Martinez 9/28

Amaris Ramirez 10/3 


These are miniature shoutouts to those students who work hard to improve and help others. ICU’s are a way for other students and leaders to recognize them for the effort they put in. Keep up the great work!

Marifer M. - “I noticed that Marifer really puts all her effort into helping and leading those around her, and even when the day might have been tough for her, she still finds a way to remain positive, it really makes her such a strong person in my eyes”

Daniela G. - “Daniela has been really great at leading sectionals and giving students a sense of accomplishment when they improve the slightest, for me i felt so uplifted hearing those words of encouragement and i know others feel the same” 

Allison A. - “She has been leading sectionals for a while and I'm really happy to see that she creates a nice atmosphere for everyone to feel comfortable to play, and get better. I'm really proud that she's been able to do so much.”

Student interview:

We will also be having student interviews! This is a way for parents to understand a students perspective better considering no one really needs any more stress with this pandemic. It's also a way to get to know some of the characters that we have in the band and guard at novi. 

River Conan: 

1. What's your name, grade, and something you do outside of Band?

“My name is River, I’m a 9th grader. Something I do outside of the band is art.”

2. How're you liking band/guard this year?

“I find this band/guard year fun.”

3. How're you liking school this year?

“I’m finding this school year not so fun.”

4. What're some differences transitioning from middle school to high school? 

“A difference between middle school and high school is that you are required to do more work than in middle school.

5. What motivates you or keeps you going?

“Something that motivates me to keep on going is my friends.”

6. Why are you in band/guard?

“The reason I'm in band/guard is because I always wanted to play an instrument.”

7. Pineapple on pizza; Yes or no?


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Ending quote: 

“Great things never come from comfort zones” - Roy T. Bennett

Have a great week everyone! Rememeber to stay safe.

- Family, Community, Artistic Excellence -

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