Blog 8/22/21 (English)

Hello everyone,

I hope you are having a great week!

We have a few updates for the week:

  • Yard Sale this Friday and Saturday happening at 6545 Adair Ave, Riverside, CA 92503! All proceeds go towards the Norte Vista Band and Colorguard. If you are available to help, please feel free to reach out to me and I will send you contact information.

  • We will be asking for $15 for the Marching Band Winds and Percussion to pay for new costumes.

  • Friday is the homecoming carnival and football game. Students have been asked to make donations of food or money depending on their section. Many students will be dismissed for the day to set-up and work our booths. We will also be performing our part of our field show for the first time and recognizing one of our seniors that best represents our band and color guard values. This student has been voted on by our students.

Highlighted Member:

Jenna Diaz, 10th:

Jenna has always been helpful, responsible, caring, and an overall great spirit to have in our band. She is such an incredible flutist, and already demonstrates amazing aptitudes for leadership! We are so fortunate to have her be part of our Black Brigade.

Concert Band

Estrella Navarrete- Band President

This week, we have continued working on improving our music to get ready for our concert on October 7th! In order to do this, we have all (bands) been working on revisiting our basics and improving them in order to succeed in our pieces. Thank you to those who have been working hard everyday to achieve this goal.

Marching Band

Elliott Serna - Drum Major

This week, we started putting together our full opener! Finally, our hard work learning drill and music is paying off. It's nice to play full runs of a movement again! Congrats to every student for working hard and getting better every day.

This Weeks Events :

Thursday - Homecoming Assembly, Erik’s Birthday, Isaac’s Birthday, Yard Sale

Friday - Homecoming Carnival, Homecoming Football Game, Yard Sale

Saturday - Yard Sale

Sunday - German’s Birthday

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