Blog Post - 8/23/21 (English)

Hello everyone,

Thank you all so much for all of your food and drink donations, and a big thank you to Milton Vasquez for cleaning all 60 of our marching band uniforms, which is A LOT of work! Another BIG THANK YOU to Mytu Ly, for offering to provide tacos for our marching band and color guard members after school. We are stronger because of your support! All groups have been progressing very well and it is great working with every student and learning about who they are as people.

This week, we have our first football game on Thursday. Our marching band and colorguard will be performing the star spangled banner and pep tunes during the football game. Thursday is also back to school night which will take place online. You should hopefully be receiving emails from our school but please let me know if there are any questions.

The schedule for Thursday will be practice from 3-4:00, back to school night from 4:50 to 6:00pm, and students must be getting ready and dressed at 6:00pm for the football game. I understand that many of you may want your child to be there with you to help with meeting teachers, in that case, we ask that you pick your child up and drop them off as soon as possible. Students can be left at school if you do not plan on attending back to school night. Dinner will not be provided, but we will have the snacks and water donations to offer.

I understand this is a very inconvenient situation but please communicate with me and I will be as flexible as possible. It is due to the fact that back to school night and a football game are taking place on a Thursday when they are usually on separate dates. However, this is our first performance and it is mandatory that all students attend, otherwise it will effect their grade.

Merchandise orders will be coming in within the next 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in their NoVi band and guard merchandise!

Highlighted member

Michael Alafa, 10th: Michael has shown incredible growth in character over the past few weeks, becoming someone who frequently asks "how can I help?" In fact, he even helped teach a classmate during sectionals, helping practice run smoother.

Concert Band:

Estrella Navarrete- Band President

This week in band,

Beginning band has continued practicing fundamentals and learning to play their instruments. Intermediate band has started learning the second half of Crazy For Cartoons by Robert Sheldon and Advanced band has followed, learning and practicing a new piece called Music for Darkened Theater. Jazz is playing the iconic pieces Moanin’ and Green Onions. Everyday we strive to make our band better in preparation for the October concert.

Marching Band

Elliott Serna- Drum Major

Marching band this week was full of many exciting events ! We practiced on the stadium and practice field for the very first time! This week’s focus was learning the Star-Spangled Banner, Pep Tunes, and Creep -- part of this year's field show. We are excited to keep working towards our goal of learning our marching show to be able to perform it and compete!

This Week's Events

Tuesday - Viviana’s Birthday

Wednesday - Uniform Fitting

Thursday - Football Game

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