Weekly Blog 02/28/22 (English)

Hello everybody!

I hope you and your families had a happy and safe President's Day weekend. It's always incredibly rewarding to come back and make music with the students, immersing ourselves in the emotions music brings out in each of us. Please continue to stay up-to-date with the COVID protocols being sent to your emails to ensure we students can stay in the classroom and keep making music.

As we reach the beginning of March, we are very excited to announce the Spring Concert! On March 11th, we will be having a concert that will take place at 6 pm in the Performing Arts Center here at Novi. We will be having our jazz, advanced, intermediate, beginning, and symphonic band performing. The concert will also be live-streamed -found here- in case you can’t make it, but we highly recommend you there to experience this moment in person. . Masks must be worn at all times inside the PAC.

A couple of events we are incredibly excited about are our Festival and Disneyland trip! On March 23, Symphonic + intermediate, as well as advanced band, will be performing at Santiago High School at 6 pm. We encourage everyone to go, as it will be a requirement for those wanting to participate in the Disneyland trip on March 25th. This trip will be open to everybody at Novi Band and Guard and will require a payment of $50, which has been reduced from the original price of $133 thanks to our amazing booster parents! We will continue to do fundraisers to give students opportunities to raise money for this trip. More information will be provided leading up to this trip.

We have also started a Sees Candies fundraiser! This fundraiser finishes March 4th, this Friday, and it is an attempt to help students raise money for the Disneyland trip at the end of March. We recommend all the students sell at least 10-15 boxes in order to pay for their ticket in it’s entirety. Any money not raised through fundraising must be paid by the student by March 18th.

Symphonic Band

Now that we're back from President's Week, we are gearing up for the last stretches before our March 11th Concert! Every day, we've been continuing to touch up our concert pieces, and really connect to the meaning of the music. We're excited to continue working hard to put together a great concert next Friday!

Person of the Week: Luis Tellez, 9th

Luis plays trumpet in Beginning Band and joined Jazz Band this semester. Every day, Luis brings unforgettable energy to rehearsal, and his progress has been substantial. Not only has he been working out a solo for Jazz Band, but he's also been an incredible fundraiser, selling over thirty raffle tickets in just a week before break! Kudos, Luis, and keep up the good work.

This Weeks Events

Friday 3/4 : Iris’s Birthday, Brass Photoshoot, End of Sees Candies Fundraiser

Saturday 3/5 : Cam’s Birthday, Winter Guard Show @ La Serna

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