Weekly Blog 3/7/22 (English)

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend! We're very excited to keep working towards our projects and events we have planned for this year! Feel free to stay up to date with these events by keeping up with our weekly blogs.

We are happy to announce that our Spring Concert is this Friday on March 11th! We are very excited for everyone to hear what we’ve been working on these past few months. Tickets for the concert can only be purchased at gofan.com and are $4 a ticket ($3/ticket + $1/service fee). The concert will also be live-streamed - found here - in case you can’t make it, but the music will always sound best live. Masks are to be worn at all times inside of the PAC. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

Our festival and Disney trip are right around the corner! In order for students to attend the Disneyland trip, they must participate in the combined rehearsals on March 10th and March 22nd, attend Festival on March 23rd, attend the March 11th concert, and have no D’s or F’s. There is a payment necessary of $50, which has been brought down from its original price of $133 thanks to our wonderful booster parents! We have been hosting fundraisers to help alleviate this cost and will have one more before the date arrives.

Thank you so much for your continuous support throughout our musical journey and we hope to see you soon!

Concert Band

We are in the final stretch before our concert! We’ve been steadfast in our practicing and putting the final touches on our pieces. Keep up the hard work everybody — we’re eager to put on a great concert March 11th!

Person of the Week: Ángel Tello Ibarra

Ángel has been working hard to get his parts down this week especially. Not only does he do well at Tuesday Percussion workshops, he asks questions during rehearsals, writes things into his music, and is overall a good example of musicianship. Keep up the good work, Angel!

This Weeks Events

Thursday 3/10 : Combined Rehearsal @3-4:30

Friday 3/11 : Spring Concert in the PAC @6

Saturday 3/12 : Natalia’s Birthday

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