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Rest Station

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Rest up

Times are tough. There's doubt about it, and it's normal to find yourself troubled. 

Whether it's feeling nervous or anxious, sad or depressed, tired or exhausted — even on edge or just down in general — the power of rest is crucial. 

Join us in this resting station to sit back, relax, clear your mind, and rest up:

Take a little breather or even a little nap!






Sometimes, some things require a little extra help and that's okay! The good news is that help is out there, and it's within reach. Hopefully these resources can help bring them a little closer to you:

MindShift App

A free app on Android and IOS by Anxiety Canada, this app is an all-inclusive tool to help manage and progress your progress when living with anxiety and/or depression.

Useful Links

Great links to school, state, and organization info in regards to mental health help. Including important hotlines, resources, and suggestions, these links are very handy to have.

You Are loved.

You Are Needed.

You Are Wanted.

You Are Appreciated.

We Will Get through This